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Shameless Racing Aligns with EMS Motorsports and Team H8 Racing

            Bear, DE., March 25th, 2015  -- Shameless racing is proud to announce that they have formed an alliance with EMS Motorsports. Along with this alliance comes a partnership with H8 Cancer Foundation, a non-profit. Both boats from the Shameless Racing stable will run the EMS, Heartland Group, and H8 Cancer Foundation logos!


            EMS Motorsports, owned by John& Charlene MacDonald, has been apart of the sport of hydroplane racing for 3 years. Currently, they are running in the H-350 class with Derec Smith as their driver and Dave Binion as team manager. EMS Motorsports’ partnership with H8 Cancer Foundation began in late 2014 and through their company in the Oil and Gas industry, Heartland Energy Group; they brought in well over $75,000 at their 2 day TomStock event in Independence, MO. This event was a Woodstock style fund raiser with several bands playing throughout the day and night.


            John MacDonald said of the alliance, “The bringing together of these two names in hydroplane racing, EMS Motorsports and Shameless racing, aligned by such a great cause in the H8 Cancer Foundation, has created something truly formidable in Team H8 Racing. Not only on the race circuit but also as a force in generating interest and support for cancer research. It is truly an honor to have partnered with such wonderful people and to have the opportunity to further this important cause.”


            The Shameless Racing Team is coming off a double championship year with Brandon Kennedy and Karson King. Karson will be moving up to the 2.5 Stock class with a new boat, and Brandon will be continuing in the GP class!

Brandon Stated “This is a great opportunity for our team. At the end of our championship year KOMA Unwind was not able to continue with our team. We had a great couple years and thank Brian Weber and the team for everything they did.”

He went on to say “I am really excited for this alliance with John MacDonald and the EMS Motorsports team. It will be a great opportunity to spread the word about the H8 Cancer Foundation and help raise money that goes straight to research! This is going to be a great year! Stay tuned for everything we will have going on.”


Learn more about H8 Cancer Foundation Racing at Team H8 Racing on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @TeamH8Racing


Learn more about Shameless Racing at the Shameless Racing Team on Facebook and follow Brandon Kennedy on Twitter @BKRacing25


Learn more about EMS at

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