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The 108th Cambridge Classic

May 19-20 2018

       With weather threatening to cancel racing the Cambridge race committee did everything in their power to make sure racing happened. With rain coming and going racing got started on Saturday. First up was Karson Kennedy in her F-25. Karson pushed her machine running 4th when it unexpectedly shut off and would not refire. In the next heat on Sunday the same problem occurred but Karson was able to get restarted for a 5th place finish. Misfortune putting her in the Consolation race but she did her best to get her boat in the final only falling one place short! “The boat is handling much better this season. I am looking forward to the next race and hopefully have our bugs worked out” Said Karson.

            In H-350 Paul and Derec had the race of the weekend deck to deck and even touching for 5 laps! In the end it was Paul taking the win in qualifier number 1 with Derec coming in second. The next heat on Sunday saw Derec crossing the line just a little to early giving him a penalty and putting him in the consolation race. Paul Barber on other hand took his boat to a 3rd place finish putting him in lane 4 for the final! In the consolation Derec much like Karson was able to relegate a 2nd place finish falling 1 spot short of making the final. Derec said “ We had some misfortune jumping the gun in heat 2 but that’s part of this sport. We are going to make some changes and come out even stronger in Gananaque!”  In the final Paul had a good start in his H-66 running 3rd on lap 3 when his throttle stuck. It is very tough to drive these hydroplanes with a sticking throttle so Paul did the best he could to finish 8th place finish. “The boat ran really well this weekend. The handling and turning were near perfect. I am excited for the season” said Paul Barber

               Finally, in Grand Prix it was Brandon Kennedy piloting a new hull. Starting on the outside due to restrictions Brandon was able to drive to a 2nd place finish. In heat 2 on Sunday Brandon was just a little early jumping the gun by 5ft. But a thrilling heat it was driving through the middle of two boats to take the lead. This lead to the final where Brandon showed confidence in his new hull hitting the start and never lifting into turn 1 until an unfortunate blower belt failure causing a DNF. Brandon stated “I am very excited for the speed in this boat. All the changes we made have worked great. I really wanted to win this race for Kiers but we fell short. I will keep pushing till we win not one but many in her honor this year!”


To keep up with H8 Cancer Racing check us out on social media @H8CancerRacing

H8 Cancer Racing 2017

H8 Cancer Racing took to the 2017 season with hopes for a better year. Some sponsors were added this winter with the addition of H8eraide High Performance Cleaners. A brand built to further align H8 Cancer Racing and the H8 Cancer Foundation Karson Kennedy made major improvements in the ultra competitive F2500 class making finals and finishing on the podium in Brockville! She looks to improve her skills while the team improves her boat and engine program for 2018.  

Derec Smith made every final in 2017 finishing on the podium 3 times and ending the year in 3rd place in points. Paul Barber had a new boat for 2017 and it showed winning heats and consistently being one of the fastest boats on the weekend. Unfortunately, Paul had to miss a couple races or he would have had a much better championship finish. 

Brandon Kennedy had a better year winning 1 final and podiuming at 3 other events. Rounding out the year in 3rd place in points. Look for better things next year as Brandon has taken the reigns of one of the fastest boats in the series and with 2 brand new motors he is ready to battle for the HRL GP Series Championship. 

H8 Cancer Racing 2016

H8 Cancer Racing took to the 2016 season with a 4 boat team yet again. Karson Kennedy coming off of her championship performance in the S class was moved up to the competitive Formula 2500 class. With a season of learning she was able to get better at each event. 

Derec Smith ran competitive all year finishing the year in 3rd place in points. While Paul Barber struggled with handling all season and has decided to switch boats for the 2017 season. 

In a new boat Brandon Kennedy had a struggling season with ups and downs and ended the season in Detroit, Michigan with a terrible crash.

Team H8 Season Update

Team H8 Racing has had a great season so far but it has not been without its challenges. Twice this season at Brockville and most recently in Tonowanda the H-13 suffered severe damage to its sponsons. Luckily in Brockville Derec was able to finish the race and due to a cancellation Sunday took home first place for the weekend after taking fourth in Long Sault. In the following two races in Valleyfield and St. Felicien Derec took 5th overall and despite the accident in Tonowanda was able to secure 5th place there as well. Even while fighting to keep the boat in one piece we have managed to learn quite a bit and make some beneficial improvements to the boats performance. Derec and the H-13 are currently in fourth place in overall points heading into Beauharnois. Paul Barber, our latest addition to the team, has improved race after race putting a huge amount of effort into getting his boat dialed and handling properly. Paul and the H-66 currently sit in 7th place in overall points. Paul has brought a wealth of knowledge and skill to the team and we are confident in his continued improvement. Karson Kennedy and the S-25 have had the most impressive season thus far currently sitting in first place nearly 20 points ahead of fellow female driver Leah Hoosick. It has been immensly exciting to watch these two girls battle it out week after week and we look forward to watching the rest of the season unfold. Brandon Kennedy and the GP-25 dominated the ACHA circuit for the majority of the season at one point leading in overall points by a seemingly insurmountable margin. Unfortunately the GP-25 suffered a catostrophic engine failure in St. Felicien and saw our points lead dissapear. Ignition and tuning troubles following the repairs kept us from regaining our lead and we ultimately landed in second place with fellow EMS sponsored driver Bert Henderson and the GP-777 Steeler taking the top spot. These two have been putting on an impressive show all season that surely has kept race fans on the edge of their seats. Just like the survivors we race for we will continue to push on and to overcome every obstacle that gets in our way. We wont stop fighting for our fans, our friends, our families, and for anyone whose suffered or suffers from cancer. Our cause is too great, and our resolve is too unwaivering to be broken. We hope to see all of you this weekend at TOMSTOCK for a rocking good time fundraising for a great cause.

Greenwood Lake Powerboat Races

June 13-14, 2015


GP-25 Brandon Kennedy: Practice Only 

H-13 Paul Barber: 3rd place both heats 

S-25 Karson Kennedy and Brandon Kennedy: 3rd, 4th, 3rd



 The GP-25 was run just for testing and tuning purposes this weekend with the new motor. The tune was a little off but the team is confident it will be right for Long Sault.

Paul Barber, the newest member of the team took over driving duties for Derec Smith over the weekend as Derec is recovering from an illness. He finished 3rd in both heats despite minor issues. With any luck Derec will be back behind the wheel for the next race. Paul will debut the H-66 wearing the Team H8 paint scheme in Long Sault as well. 

Karson, being still new to the boat and being only her second 2.5 race, did exceptionally well yet again finishing 3rd and 4th. Brandon ran the last heat to help with tuning and feedback and finished in 3rd place.  

It turned out to be yet another great weekend for Team H8 Racing and we are looking forward to Long Sault. 

Stuart Sailfish Regatta May 16-18, 2015 


GP-25 Brandon Kennedy 1st place

H-13 Derec Smith 2nd place 

S-25 Karson Kennedy 2nd place



Brandon had a stellar weekend in the GP-25 finishing first in every heat and the final, taking the top spot on the podium for the weekend.

Derec Smith in the H-13 also performed exceptionally well finishing second overall despite experiencing a minor mechanical failure. The new hardware from Hage tool and Machine is performing nicely and with a few minor tweaks we are confident that the H-13 will be leading the pack.

Karson Kennedy impressed with her performance in the S-25 finishing second overall for the weekend. This was her first time in a 2.5 since moving up from a T boat last season.

Overall it is looking to be an exciting season for Team H8 Racing as we continue to improve and push the envelope each week to make our team the best that it can be. 


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