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H8 Cancer Racing Announces An Alliance Of Two Famous Last Names In HRL

Melbourne, FL, February 27th, 2019  --  H8 Cancer Racing announces an alliance of two famous last names in the Hydroplane Racing League!


Kennedy and Theoret!


With a new baby on the way it may make Brandon unavailable at some events in 2019. When that time comes the GP-25 crew is putting their trust in Marc Theoret. Marc has driven this boat in the past and is a qualified GP driver so the team will still be able to compete for wins! H8 Cancer Racing is glad to bring Marc onboard for 2019. “Marc and I have been friends for many years and I feel he is someone that will push the boat but also make sure it comes back in one piece! It will be great to give him some seat time at our test session coming up in May” Said Brandon. Coming off of a championship in 2018 the team wants to try to repeat and they feel Marc will give them that opportunity! Marc Theoret added “I’m very pleased to be part of H8 cancer Racing team for this coming season. For the Kennedy family to choose me was an honor they are a great winning team. I have very big shoes to fill replacing Brandon he is one of the top drivers in the GP class. Hopefully I can get the Theoret name back in victory circle. Thank you for this opportunity”




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