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A Great End To The Season

Melbourne, FL September 19th, 2017–  H8 Cancer Racing closed out the season strong this past weekend in Gananoque, Ontario. With two of our drivers finishing 3rd in the HRL Championship.


Starting with the Formula 2500 class it was Karson Kennedy that brought her boat to a finish of 4th and 6th on Saturday while in difficult conditions in heat 2! On Sunday she had her husband Brandon Kennedy fill in for her in heat 3. During that heat the hull suffered major damage to the bottom resulting in a 6th place finish and having to be done for the weekend. Karson discussed about her season “It has been a great season for me. I was able to have some better finishes this year in the very tough Formula 2500 class. I am proud of our 7th place championship season and can’t thank our sponsors enough for believing in me and my team!”


   In H-350 it was Derec Smith that lead the way for H8 Cancer Racing. Starting the weekend in 3rd place in the championship only 21 points behind 1st Derec knew he had a chance! In heat 1 Derec started the weekend strong by winning. Heat 2 was a little tougher as Derec scored a 2nd place finish. Heat 3 showed Derec taking the 1st place finish again putting him in lane 4 for the final! Lane 4 with two wins and a 2nd. That is tight competition! Derec pushed his hull in the final to finish the race in the 4th position. Derec also kept his H-13 by EMS in 3rd place in the HRL Championship! ” I would like to say thanks to everyone that helped get H8 Cancer racing H-13 to a third-place victory in the HRL series. It came down to the last race in Gananoque with the points being so close, but we made a podium finish in HRL. This year was one of the toughest with all the great 350 teams out there. Thank you, John, Charlene, John jr and Yesim MacDonald for putting all this together.” Stated Derec Smith!

The H-66 was again piloted by Bobby King due to an illness for Paul Barber. Bobby was able to fill in and do another solid job in the H-66 with a 3rd and a 2nd before suffering some damage to the hull forcing them to scratch for the rest of the weekend. Paul reflected on his season ” This season was a lot of fun. Last year we struggled with the Bergeron boat forcing us to switch for this year. This boat was much better right out of the box allowing us to work towards finding more speed and minor changes. With missing the first race and having to sit out the last two I feel a 13th place championship finish is pretty good! I have to thank all of the H8 Cancer Racing sponsors for continuing to believe in our team and look forward to 2018″



Brandon Kennedy went into the weekend wanting to keep his 3rd place standing in the championship but test for 2018 as well. After trying a new rudder in the first heat that he did not like he was able to get a 3rd place finish. Heat 2 was much better with Brandon getting the win. In heat 3 Brandon was involved in a minor accident in the first turn when lanes went away but was able to keep going and finish 2nd placing him in lane 2 for the final. After leading the field to the first turn Brandon fell back into a hard battle with Jimmy King for 2nd place. Brandon was able to pull it off in the end with a 2nd place finish and a 3rd in the championship! ” This year was an up and down year but our team never gave up. We have made some major improvements to speed and handling of our GP-25 and were able to finish 3rd in the championship. I can’t thank EMS and our other sponsors enough for continuing to stand behind us and battle back with us! I look forward to next season with whatever we decide to do!” Said Brandon


Thanks to all of our fans for the support in 2017!

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