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H8 Cancer Racing PRN-00117

Melbourne, FL, March 25th, 2015  -- H8 Cancer Racing announces an alliance with H8eraide High Performance Cleaners. The Formation of H8eraide is in direct alliance with H8 Cancer Racing and the H8 Cancer Foundation.


H8eraide, from its first moments of conception, was meant to break molds and reinvent what it means to be “Green.”

H8eraide High Performance Cleaners is a manufacturer of the strongest environmentally friendly detailing products in each of the industries they serve. Furthermore H8eraide is changing the way people view “Green” cleaners by creating chemicals with the strength of our competitors that are safer for the environment.


H8eraide much like H8 Cancer Racing is setting out to win the race. A different race as they are pushing to win the race to be the #1 Green Cleaner on the market while sharing the same goal providing funds to cancer research! 


Learn more about H8 Cancer Foundation Racing at H8 Cancer Racing on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @H8CancerRacing


Learn more about Shameless Racing at the Shameless Racing Team on Facebook and follow Brandon Kennedy on Twitter @BKRacing25


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Learn more about H8eraide at http:/



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