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Unlike her husband Brandon, Karson Kennedy was not born into a racing family. But when the opportunity arose for her to get behind the wheel of her own boat she jumped right in and hasn’t looked back. After her first test she was hooked and after only 7 starts she had already won her first heat. Karson went into the next season eager to learn and improve her skill as a driver. Impressively, in only her second year of racing she finished the season with 7 of 8 final wins in the ACHA series taking home the championship as well. As she enters her third season of racing we look forward to great things to come from this young driver and for her successes to inspire more young women to follow and join into the sport of hydroplane racing. In 2015 Karson drove a new boat in a new class and won yeat another HRL  championship! 

Date of Birth: March 14th, 1992


Age: 26

Residence: Newark, DE

Years racing: 4

2018 Racing Classes:Formula 2500

2018 Racing Series:  ACHA, APBA

Crew: George Kennedy Jr, Sandy Kennedy, Jamie McClure, Mason McClure, Scott Kropfeld, Steve Polizzi, Wally Osinga, Karson King,


Bobby Gunn, Billy Sewell, and John Shaw.

Karson's thoughts about joining Team H8 Racing:

“I am proud to have the chance to join Brandon and Derec as a driver for H8 Cancer Racing. Cancer is a nasty disease and close to my heart as my mom battled and won the fight against breast cancer. I am grateful for the opportunity John and Charlene MacDonald have given me and the whole team. I look forward to racing for cancer awareness and bringing the H8 Cancer Foundation to the finish line.”


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