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Brandon Kennedy

 Brandon Kennedy was born with gasoline in his veins and a need for speed. Having been born into a family of hydroplane racers it was only a short time before he was racing himself. At the age of four Brandon began riding motocross and enduro bikes and over the next ten years went on to compete in racing in both classes. At the age of fourteen he transitioned into hydroplane racing and has been setting records and winning championships ever since. In 2015 Brandon is at the top level of the limited inboard division and having won 5 finals and a points title after competing in the grand prix class for just three seasons he is proving himself a force to be reckoned with.



Date of Birth: July 16th, 1992

Age: 25

Residence: Newark, DE

Years racing: 12

2018 Racing Classes: SRF3, Grand Prix,

2018 Racing Series: SCCA, ACHA, APBA

Crew: "Team 25" George Kennedy Jr, Sandy Kennedy, Jamie McClure, Mason McClure, Scott Kropfeld, Steve Polizzi, Wally Osinga, Karson King, Bobby Gunn, Billy Sewell, and John Shaw.

Brandon's thoughts about joining Team H8 Racing:


“John MacDonald and I met through the boat racing world. Through our discussions over this past winter we decided it would be a great thing to align Shameless Racing and EMS Motorsports. With this alliance we will be racing for EMS to raise awareness and money for the H8 Cancer Foundation. This is a great opportunity for our team to help advance an even greater cause. Racing is an excellent platform to get the word out about cancer research. Our boat is like a traveling billboard with 20,000+ miles of over the road coverage. Between racing and social media I am excited to help the H8 Cancer Foundation!”

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